“My first reading with the new light is today”

Cajamarca (Peru).- Clementina explains her first impressions as user –together with her brother and mother– of the installations of acciona.org (previously ACCIONA Microenergia) in new localities of the Peruvian department of Cajamarca.

Clementina and her brother Marco live in the locality of Jelic, in the Cajamarca district of Jose Sabogal, where they recently became users of the Luz en Casa (Light at Home) programme. They both are 12 years old and are in the sixth degree at a primary school that is 2 hours from home; that daily journey is not a problem for them, contrary to not having light at home that they never liked.

Clementina said “Engineers, my first reading with the new light is today”, while her mother expressed her gratitude to ACCIONA for having installed a panelly so as to her children could do their homework with a quality light: ”my children, Clementina and Marco, had their eyes always irritated due to the candle lighting”. Today is different: 32 families which had no electricity in Jelic now can use daily 8 hours of clean and efficient lighting, charge a mobile phone, and connect small appliances for 2 hours thanks to the solar home systems installed.

The children’s teacher in the Jelic school confirmed the vision problems of her students: “all of them have rheum every day and many don’t do their homework because they can’t find a candle for the night, having the closest shop 3 or 4 hours from their houses”.

Acciona.org, since their establishment in Peru in 2009, has got 158 localities in 24 districts of 7 provinces in the Cajamarca department, where it has brought clean, safe and affordable electricity and has implemented a network of micro franchisees owned by local technicians, who have been specifically trained to offer installation and repair of solar home systems as well as sale of quality and guaranteed compatible appliances.

Acciona.org and the Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are included in the 2030 Agenda, a 15-year plan of action that favours the people, the planet and the prosperity. There are 17 SDG which are integrated and indivisible and that comprise the three dimensions of the Development: economic, social and environmental.

The rural electrification programmes of acciona.org, The Energy & Water Foundation impact on those three dimensions, and directly on the SDG 7, Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

In Clementina and her family household the SDG4, Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, is impacted too: the electricity offered favours the education because it provides safe and enough-intense lighting to do homework after dark; thus, children such as Clementina and Marco have opportunities of progressing in the school.

Acciona.org in Peru

acciona.org created a Peruvian non-profit association to facilitate access to electricity to isolated rural communities, which are not included in the national grid extension of Peru. It develops the ‘Luz en Casa’ programme in the Northern Mountains of Peru, in the department of Cajamarca, where it is an electricity public utility within the Peruvian regulation, and with a fee-for-service model that applies the official photovoltaic tariff. It is currently executing the Luz en Casa Napo 2017 project, in the Napo basin (Loreto districts of Napo and Mazan) with the aim of scaling up the sustainable technological and managerial model that is already validated in the Peruvian Amazonia.