The ACCIONA Microenergia Foundation, invited by the Spanish Cooperation to present its experience of Public-Private Partnership for Development in Mexico

Madrid (Spain).- The Spanish Cooperation held a Meeting with Enterprises to present the Partnership for Rehabilitation post-earthquakes in Mexico. The ACCIONA Microenergia Foundation was invited to show how Luz en Casa Oaxaca is an example of Public-Private Partnership for Development in that country.

The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (so called AECID) held in its headquarters, in Madrid, a meeting with a score of representatives of Spanish enterprises and business associations working in Mexico, to present the “Partnership for Rehabilitation post-earthquakes in Mexico”.

The presentation was given by the Secretary of State for International Cooperation and for Ibero-America and the Caribbean, Fernando Garcia, and counted on the participation of the Mexico Ambassador in Spain, Roberta Lajous, the AECID’s Director, Luis Tejada, the Coordinator of the Spanish Cooperation in Mexico, Miguel Angel Encinas, who explained some aspects of the initiative in detail, and the ACCIONA Microenergia Foundation’s Director, Jose Gabriel Martin, who showed the experience of the Luz en Casa Oaxaca programme —executed together with the Government of Oaxaca, AECID and its Mexican counterpart AMEXCID—, as a successful example of Public-Private Partnership in Mexico.

He explained the action model of the Foundation, and the origin and development of Luz en Casa Oaxaca: the presence of ACCIONA in Mexico, especially in Oaxaca, and the experience of ACCIONA Microenergia developing the Luz en Casa initiative; the lack of access to electricity in Oaxaca; the alliance with strategic partners so as to count on the necessary institutional, managerial, technical and economic resources to execute this electrification initiative, and; the results and main impacts on the beneficiaries. He concluded his speech by giving some conclusions about the acquired experience, such as the importance of defining every role well and assuming responsibilities by each partner, or having a leading entity that is able of attending to the needs and goals of every partner.

The “Partnership for Rehabilitation post-earthquakes in Mexico” has the objective of involving the private sector, through the formula of Public-Private Partnership for Development, in the reconstruction of the infrastructures damaged by the two violent earthquakes that shook Mexico the last September: houses, schools, roads, supply networks… For more information of this partnership, visit the AECID website.

ACCIONA Microenergia is the ACCIONA’s corporate foundation. Its aim is the development cooperation by promoting the access to basic services and infrastructures of people and communities without expectations of covering those needs. 

Its activity is aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030, especially to the SDG6 for access to water and sanitation and SDG7 for access to energy, and also impacts on those SDG’s related to alleviation of poverty, improvement of health, work, gender equality, etc., building partnerships with other stakeholders to favour the achievement of those goals (SDG17).