Summary of the Luz en Casa Oaxaca Programme in 2016

Oaxaca (Mexico).- In 2016, the Luz en Casa Oaxaca Programme supplied 3,900 Third Generation Solar Home Systems (3GSHS) to an equal number of families, which also have available a new Customer Service Centre (so called CAU) installed in the Mixteca region. Thus the programme ends up attending 7,500 households in about 500 villages with population less than 100 in the State of Oaxaca.

This implies more than 30,000 people, from eleven different ethnic groups (Mixteco, Amuzgo, Triqui, Mazateco, Cuicateco, Chinanteco, Mixe, Huave, Chontal, Zapoteco y Chatino), having a basic electricity service that offers at least 4 hours of electric lighting daily, mobile charging and connection to very efficient electric devices (radio, TV), and that avoids the use of energy elements which are harmful for their health, safety and environment.

Here is a video that includes a part of the programme's responsibles visit to the home of Mr Enrique, a user from the Mixe district.